EggQuisite Gifts

cherry branch under dome
Final Product
Hand carved goose egg mounted on granite base with LED lights covered with glass dome

A unique Eggquisite / delicate shell of a goose egg, hand carved with designs of nature and animals placed on a base made of stone (granite or marble). The carving is displayed with five Led lights inside the egg. The artwork is protected by a glass dome.

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Process of Egg Carving

  • I draw an image on to a sanitized goose egg.
  • The outline is carved then the remaining layers of egg shell that are not needed are removed.
  • The outline is carved deeper to accentuate the image.
  • Any area that needs to be highlighted white is also carved deeper into the egg shell.
  • Once the actual carving is completed, the shell is dipped in a solution that removes the membrane & brightens the entire egg shell.
  • A polyurethane coating is applied to the dried egg shell providing protection.

Price and Where to Find my Eggs

Price vary depending on the detail of the carving. Additional charges for packaging & shipping. Special requests welcome.

Feather on Goose Egg